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VIP nuru massage bangkok shop located in Hot place in Bangkok, Phrom Phong.

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NuruMassage, Phrom Phong Massage,
Sukhumvit Massage, Thonglor Massage, AsokeMassage,
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Special Massage, Happy Ending Massage


Leading Premium Massage Shop proven in Bangkok
A thorough management of security and hygiene


Personal care in Premium Spa
Thai professional managers in 20s



666 Class introduction

666 Class is located at Prompong Station in central Bangkok and takes 100 percent of the
actual photos of the ladies twice a month and uploads them to our own site.(

The service offered by 666 Class is a customized premium service that professional
managers in their 20s personally provide.
The 666 class furnishes regular service mind training to the managers to provide the best


A thorough management of security and hygiene

With a rigorous disinfection and sanitary inspection regularly, 666 class provides service
mind training for managers 1-2 times a week, and strives to recruit various, special and
fantastic managers for the satisfactions of customers.
666 Class will satisfy your trip to Bangkok with high expectations.
666 Class promises you that you will get a more reasonable price with more satisfying 


service compared to other shops

We will give you unforgettable memories here in 666 Class.
The more you experience 666 Class, the more satisfying you can get.
666 Class is the local representative of massage sectors in Bangkok
Customers who have visited us already know that 666 Class is the best in the nearest areas
including Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Ekkamai and Phrom Phong.
Keywords posted by 666 Class on the google or naver like Bangkok, Sukhumvit, Thonglor,
Ekkamai and Phrom Phong as well as Bangkok Massage, Night culture of Bangkok, Happy
Ending Massage, 방콕 물집 and 방콕 변마 are at the top. As it is proved, 666 Class is the
number one representative special massage shop in Bangkok.

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Localized Premium best of best Nuru Massage System


We offer authentic Korean Nuru massage which benchmarks some of the Nuru system that
the Japanese specialized in and adds a manual that fits the Korean sentiment. Unlike cheap
oils, high-quality Nuru gel is used, so you can't feel the rest of Nuru gel after a shower. 666
Class provides the dreamy services in a special room equipped with a mat only for Nuru
massage. About 20 professionals with well-skilled massage techniques are always on
standby here in 666 Class

In addition, 666 Class owns Jacuzzi rooms and a wide range of bathrooms that have a
number of options which customers can choose on their taste.
If you have trusted and chosen 666 Class, we would lead you to a remarkable world that
you’ve never experienced and give you fantastic, special and unforgettable memories.


666class -방콕밤문화


a reasonable price


666CLASS Usage Review

The honest customer reviews are that 666CLASS service

Make it more upgraded.

666class -방콕물집
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666class - 방콕밤문화/방콕물집/방콕변마

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한국인 HP 094-202-8209
가게 HP - 095 - 828 - 9032
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